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Hiking in the gorgeous Redwood forests north of the Golden Gate Bridge to biking down the picturesque National Mall in Washington D.C., I live to travel. I enjoy being immersed in the places I visit. Whether it’s zip-lining 300 feet down the mountain peak in Queenstown, New Zealand, or scuba diving off the Maui coast, I document everything on the go. My phone is filled with adventures from San Francisco to New York, Los Angeles and internationally; the scenery, food, and local flavor. Shooting the perfect IG worthy image takes some time and you need to be fast to capture those “I can’t believe that just happened” action shots. The stuff that makes your friends want to join you on your travels, those are the moments that don’t wait for you or your phone. So when that ‘out of storage’ message pops up when I’m trying to capture the moment, it kills my vibe.



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