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We have been in the business for 20+ years, built platforms that reach millions and have worked with everyone in the Fortune 100 sector. We know the ad networks, we know the audience development landscape, we know the video market and technology sector. Think of us as connectors, consulting with you and helping you navigate the digital landscape. Cool.Media is one of the top leading outsourced corporate and publisher development agencies for digital content publishers, ad networks, audience development and technology platforms.  Our partners and clients span the globe. We leverage our deep relationships to forge partnerships that will ultimately benefit you. Set up a time and let’s chat. You never know.


One-sentence briefs are our norm. Our strategy team works with clients to understand their marketing goals and develop campaigns that have a cohesive foundation from inception to execution. Digital & Social Media Marketing is at the center of what we do. We create plans that drive results through engagement, interaction and awareness by creating interactive and unique content that is digitally distributed. 


Our ideas are powered for the modern millennial, Gen Z and the lux shopper. Through visual story telling, we bring campaigns to life by providing experiences that our target audience responds to. Our creative work ranges from branded video campaigns, photography, press trip management, short and long form video and so much more. You can catch our editors on the sets of major commercial shoots for brands like Nike, Bloomingdale’s, Elle or out traveling with brands like AT&T, Mashable, Toyota, Tourism boards and many more to create lifestyle content.


Influencer Marketing is all about the personalized approach. With years of managing successful campaigns, we’re constantly identifying emerging trends in the space to create programs that deliver engagement, awareness and brand recognition. We align your brand with the right talent to create content that aligns with the target audience. We care about our relationships, with new talent and the OG pioneers, to create synergy for all partnerships.